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A Bridge is Needed Because THEy keep WIDENING the gap

What do you think is the greatest gap in society between racial groups today? You may come to answers such as wealth, education, healthcare, and power. These are all accurate conclusions, but they are only subsections of the largest disparity that has spanned across this nation from sea to shining sea throughout its entire history — opportunity. The difference in opportunities available to Asians and minorities represents the largest gulf between ethnicities. Bridging this gap will require the efforts of all races, colors, genders, and creeds.

In such diffused changes of culture two factors are necessary: contact and understanding.

– Huh Shih

Of course, that does not mean there is an absence of opportunities for Asians. It means that there is an imbalance in the amount of opportunity available given the cross-sections of society. For instance, as of 2021 there are nearly 20 million Asians in America (almost 6% of the population). Yet how many Presidents or even Presidential nominees have been Asian (0); how many Asians are in Congress (17 total = 3%); and how many are Fortune 500 CEO’s (10 total = 2%)? The numbers are even more staggering if you consider only Asian females, as they are often marginalized to menial labor and low wage positions.

Bridging the gap doesn’t mean placing people into positions they are unqualified for. It doesn’t mean redistributing wealth among the classes. It doesn’t mean awarding benefits to the unentitled. It means creating fundamental changes that will allow Asians and minorities to grow and develop in an organic way to equip them to have meaningful careers. It means improving policies to remove the barriers that prevent them from becoming leaders and pioneers throughout the nation. It means implementing innovative programs that will tear down the bamboo ceiling so that Asians can soar as high as their passions and skillsets can take them. It means becoming part of the solution, because we are all part of the eqAsian. © 2024. All Rights Reserved.