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Make Action, Not Excuses

How many times have you heard (or even thought) in regards to racism: “It’s not my problem”, or “I’m just one person”, or “The problem is too big”. And the surprising thing is, those are absolutely correct. Because it isn’t your problem — it’s a problem for all of us and we need to recognize that. You are just one person — but together we are a nation capable of real change. And the problem is too big — which is exactly why it needs to be addressed now before it’s out of our hands completely.

To know what is right and not to do it is the worst cowardice.

– Confucius

Acknowledging there is a problem then doing absolutely nothing to try to fix it is not an acceptable response. The most harmful to us is nodding your head in agreement then continuing about your life with no real action. Racism isn’t just an interesting thought experiment. It is a real occurrence that is happening from the systemic to the granular level of every day of our lives. The only way to end it is to take personal responsibility and make a true commitment to fight against it.

So, make a pledge with us to show solidarity when we confront the government with demands for institutional change. Make a donation to us to support our efforts when we push for transformative actions, policies, and political appointments. Make a commitment to us by participating in our events and spreading the word of our endeavors to your friends, families, and neighbors. Make a concerted effort to be a personal part of the eqAsian, because we are all part of the solution. © 2024. All Rights Reserved.