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The Time for comfortable conversation is PAST

While open dialogue is important, much of the discussion about racism devolves into virtue signaling and exchange of moral platitudes. Furthermore, many politicians, organizations, and people discuss the topics related to racial and minority inequalities but fail to complete the journey on the long road of definitive action. We feel that words and ideas without deeds are meaningless. We must move beyond the easy conversations and begin talking about the difficult and dark sides of prejudice. And then we must begin to take the necessary steps to resolve the underlying issues. It is time to take action.

You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.

– Gandhi

It is time to hold people accountable for perpetuating a system that has both passively and actively suppressed the rights of its own minority citizens. A system created by people that allows some groups to live in relative peace, health, wealth, and harmony while not extending those same rights to others. A system that continues to govern, educate, and grant opportunities to people based not on their merit, but rather on their color, class, or ethnicity.

Many of us already had the usual discussions about prejudice and racism, but it’s only the first step. Now, we need to challenge each other to engage in more complex and even uncomfortable discussions. Now, we need to use these crucial conversations to launch impactful programs and initiatives. Now, we need to change the system at its core so that Asians and other minorities can flourish and live as equals side by side with fellow Americans in a peaceful environment. Now, we need to become part of the solution, because we are all part of the eqAsian. © 2024. All Rights Reserved.